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El disco se compone de 3 partes: Heroes And Cons , Charlatans And Saints y Horseshoes And 
“Song Of The Century”

Acto 1:Heroes And Cons

“21st Century Breakdown”
“Know Your Enemy”
“¡Viva La Gloria”
“Before The Lobotomy”
“Christian’s Inferno”
“Last Night On Earth”

Acto 2: “Charlatans And Saints”

“East Jesus Nowhere”
“Last Of The American Girls”
“Murder City”
“¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl) “
“Restless Heart Syndrome”

Acto 3.- “Horseshoes and Handgrenades”

“Horseshoes and Handgrenades”
“21 Guns”
“American Eulogy”
“See The Light”
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Para los amantes Punk Rock, e aqui uno de los mejores album de esta banda, formado por Billie Joe Amstrong y sus integrantes:


ista de canciones [editar]

  1. American Idiot (3:00)
  2. Jesus Of Suburbia (9:08)
    1. Parte I. Jesus Of Suburbia
    2. Parte II. City Of The Damned
    3. Parte III. I Don’t Care
    4. Parte IV. Dearly Beloved
    5. Parte V. Tales Of Another Broken Home
  3. Holiday (3:53)
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (4:20)
  5. Are We The Waiting (2:43)
  6. St. Jimmy (2:56)
  7. Give Me Novacaine (3:25)
  8. She’s A Rebel (1:59)
  9. Extraordinary Girl (3:34)
  10. Letterbomb (4:06)
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends (4:44)
  12. Homeoming (9:18)
    1. Parte I. The Death Of St. Jimmy
    2. Parte II. East 12th St.
    3. Parte III. Nobody Likes You (cantada por Mike Dirnt)
    4. Parte IV. Rock and Roll Girlfriend (cantada y escrita por Tré Cool)
    5. Parte V. We’re Coming Home Again
  13. Whatsername (4:12)

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                                                          American Idiot – Green Day